Seamless journey for your adorable passengers

BORA-smart and highly customizable
ferry and cruise system

A step ahead of your endless investment into own system

BORA - is an integrated cover-all system for booking, ticketing, port operations and administration.

With BORA, everything is administered as it should be

BORA Highlights

BORA is cover-all system for ferry and cruise operators

BORA has integration road map for customer per half-year

BORA is clever and constantly updated, because we are implementing best practices and customer cases

BORA is an invisible butler for your passengers – booking, sales, check-in, onboarding, services on board

BORA is your indispensable employee – always on duty, didn’t forget about marketing activities, sales flow, and reporting

You can configure all characteristics of the ship:

and many other parameters!

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Built-in API allows you to do any integrations on your own

This module also allows to book trips!

You can get all the data about your passengers in a couple of clicks.

You will get a clear detailed information to keep your eye on the ball

Access module helps manage people on board the vessel, including visitors, crew members, guests of the crew, as well as repairmen and many others according to ISPS regulations and rules

Different types of payment methods according to your business needs:

Includes a website where passengers can book a trip online, the interface for travel agency sales and the module that tracks additional purchased goods and service onboard.

Set up price categories for all type of cabins or add-ons offered by your company.

There are additional interesting tools and hidden features in the module!