Seamless journey for your adorable passengers

BORA — smart and highly customized
ferry and cruise system

Always a step ahead of your endless investment into own system

BORA — is an integrated cover-all system for booking, ticketing, check-in, boarding and administration.

With BORA, everything is managed as it should be

BORA Highlights


BORA is cover-all system for ferry and cruise operators


BORA fits a company of any size from a small ferry carrier to a large cruise operator


BORA is clever and constantly updated, because we are implementing best practices and customer cases


BORA is an invisible guide for your passengers – booking, sales, check-in, boarding, services on board


BORA is your indispensable employee – always on duty, didn’t forget about marketing activities, sales flow, and reporting

Key functions

or combine your all business processes into one

Customizable dashboard

Customer management

Schedule management

Price configuration

Inventory management

Reporting in one click

Dashboard displays current state of the system. This is where you can obtain the consolidated information

Having a simple, visual overview of your data can not only help identify areas of improvement for your sales process, but also simplify your sales cycles.

Even better is when the dashboard views are fully adjustable to match your company needs.

Set up and configure everything easily:

currencies, age categories, seasons and time frame for them, promotions and loyalty programs and a lot more.

You can configure all operated routes, ports and terminals, route schedule as well as date and time of departure and arrivals

Set price categories for all types of cabins or add-ons offered by your company

Specify all characteristics of the ship: name, type, desks, tonnage, passenger capacity etc.

Create, monitor and control all of them in a real-time mode.

Get insights about your clients from different angles in one-click!

A complete tool set in one system for ferry and cruise operators — this is BORA

Designed for your convenience

All our modules are built on the same platform and leverage on common software components in order to provide consistent user experience.


Introduce and set up all the vessels operated in your company

Create and monitor everything on board


Allows to configure flexible prices for provided services

Create and set up price in one click


Consists of three main modules: Online sales, Back-office sales and Onboard sales


Allows a client to pay for the booking

All popular payment systems that are in demand today

Access Control

Allows secured and controlled access onboard the vessel or terminal according to ISPS rules


Find out more about your customers

Analytics systems that help you find out the most vital information in a second


No more difficulties with integrations or interdependence

Connecting to services is easier than ever


Place where a customer easily executes the payment for your devices

Self check-in solution

Automatic registration solution that allows your guests to check-in directly through your system, skipping over long queues


BORA can be easily adapted to the needs of a customer. This is achived both by having dedicated apps for different purposes and by making the system highly configurated in terms of overall business logic and features available on screen.

Bora's Open API can collaborate with:

Highly configurable and flexible architecture with local API in every module allows to make any possible integrations not only with local systems, but with any external ones.

This is where the quick and convenient work with BORA using the API begins

Our API can be integrated with any services - enjoy turnkey payment solutions for your business and way more integrations, you can't even imagine!

It's almost the right time to find out how convenient BORA is!

Tech stack

Amazing tandem

Tech and security

Data always on defend

BORA can be easily adapted to the needs of a customer. This is achived both by having dedicated apps for different purposes and by making the system highly configurated in terms of overall business logic and features available on screen.

And, of course, GDPR friendly & ISO 9001 certified!

Your general benefit

Terms for own development - 3-5 years

Recruiting , Staff and equipment costs - more than 4500000 euro (recruitment, salary and benefits include taxes, laptops, monitors)

Maintenance - endless and everyday expences



team experience in Marine & Transportation IT Development






from contact till running pilot version

10+ years

team experience in Marine & Transportation IT Development

6 month


2 weeks

from contact till running pilot version

Maximum efficiency


BORA increases tickets sales

You can buy tickets: online, in the box office, by phone and through travel agencies

Ресурс 1

It saves time

E-ticket to the vessel to speed up boarding routine

Ресурс 3

Flexibility of the system

You can edit the information about a passenger or route in a few clicks


Bring all systems together

It's possible to integrate BORA with external systems


Profitable for business

BORA is designed to be modular and scalable. Our clients only pay for the functionality that they actually needs

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Get to know BORA from the inside

Contact us, and we'll provide your company a demo,
that shows BORA's best features!

You can configure all characteristics of the ship:

and many other parameters!

Set up price categories for all type of cabins or add-ons offered by your company.

There are additional interesting tools and hidden features in the module!

Includes a website where passengers can book a trip online, the interface for travel agency sales and the module that tracks additional purchased goods and service onboard.

Different types of payment methods according to your business needs:

Access module helps manage people on board the vessel, including visitors, crew members, guests of the crew, as well as repairmen and many others according to ISPS regulations and rules

You can get all the data about your passengers in a couple of clicks.

You will get a clear detailed information to keep your eye on the ball

Built-in API allows you to do any integrations on your own

This module also allows to book trips!

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